Keymakr is Bringing Data Annotation Services to ISC West

Mar 16, 2022

The International Security Conference and Exposition, otherwise known as ISC West, is taking place March 22-25. This exciting event is a chance for security and public safety professionals to network and connect, whilst learning about the latest innovation in their industry.

ISC West 2022
ISC West 2022

Technology is transforming the world of security and public safety. Smart security systems are changing  access control in personal homes, as well as alarms and monitoring at businesses. Machine learning models are also driving innovation in video surveillance, drone technology, and the Internet of Things.

Many of the important security applications that will be demonstrated at ISC West 2022 are powered by computer vision based AI models. These models allow smart security systems to autonomously monitor and analyze the dynamic world around them.

However, developing AI algorithms for security applications requires the input of precise training data. High quality training images and video form the basis of high performing AI models.

Keymakr is a data annotation company that provides security AI innovators with exceptional data labeling services. At ISC West Las Vegas Keymakr will show how security technology pioneers can drive innovation through computer vision AI training.

Video surveillance

AI systems can make video surveillance less labor intensive and more responsive. Computer vision models can monitor security feeds and alert staff to a variety of potential threats. However, annotating video for AI training can be time consuming and expensive.

Keymakr’s proprietary annotation tool allows multiple annotators to work on a piece of video data simultaneously. The resulting labels can then be seamlessly integrated to create cohesive, accurately annotated data. This task sharing capability helps developers to streamline the creation of training data for video surveillance AI.

Drones and robotics

Drones have applications in many industries. In the security sector this technology allows for round the clock monitoring of large and inaccessible areas. AI models can make drones even more effective by ensuring constant, autonomous surveillance. Keymakr has experience of annotating footage from drones for AI training. An in-house team of annotators ensures that training data for drones and robotics remains of a high quality.

Drones and robotics
Drones and robotics

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is central to a wide range of vital AI security use cases. However, due the sensitive nature of AI identification it is essential that developers have access to precise, varied data that can help them overcome bias. Keymakr are experts at data collection, and finding the right images from publicly accessible sources. Keymakr’s in-house data creation facilities also allow developers to access bespoke image datasets for face recognition AI training and enhancement.


Biometric model training underpins applications that are making public spaces, like airports, safer and more efficient. Keymakr is supporting innovation by creating pixel perfect training data for biometrics solutions. Keymakr’s unique project management features guarantee that the most sensitive labeling tasks will be given to the highest performing annotators.

Data annotation services for ISC West

The right annotation service can make a crucial difference when it comes to final model performance. Keymakr offers an unparalleled combination of skilled, well-managed annotation teams and powerful labeling tools to security AI developers.

Inna Nomerovska

Inna Nomerovska is the VP of Marketing and Brand Strategy at Keymakr | Keylabs. She is a tireless technology enthusiast with 15 years of experience in international marketing and startup background.

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