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Data Collection

Keymakr has access to numerous sources of data for all sorts of AI training tasks. Our experts can help you find just the right datasets for your ML model.

The Foundation Of Your AI Training

Successful machine learning projects start with datasets that fit their needs, match their development schedules, and scale with them as they grow.

Data collection is a vital step in the computer vision development process. Before image and video annotation can take place, datasets need to be assembled. In order to be effective as training material this data must be high quality, varied, and available in the right quantities.

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Data Collection Services


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For AI innovators assembling datasets means making use of open source image repositories, or deploying web scraping tools to trawl the internet for appropriate data. However, both approaches require a significant investment of time and expertise that has the potential to distract from a company's core mission.


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Our data collection software ensures that your datasets will feature varied images that reflect the complexity of the real world. Keymakr’s data gathering tool collects valuable image and video data fast. Our technology removes the burden of assembling datasets from senior management and researchers, so that they can continue to innovate and develop in line with their core mission.



Overcoming data bias is essential for any computer vision project. Image and video data that does not reflect the reality of a complex, dynamic world will result in models that perform suboptimally. Data creation can play a central role in overcoming bias by providing AI innovators with images and video that capture edge cases and atypical environments.


Keymakr’s affordable and efficient data collection solutions can achieve results in any industry. Examples include:


We can collect thousands of images of landscapes, covering multiple geographic areas and weather conditions. These images can then be annotated with information about the water levels, and weather states.



By utilising data scraping tools Keymakr can assemble large face image datasets. These images correspond with the diversity of the real world, and feature a representative mixture of ethnicities and genders.



For AI projects that deal with sensitive medical information, accuracy is essential. To achieve this Keymakr partners with hospitals for data collection, before having the annotation work carried out and verified by medical professionals.

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We can use our data collection expertise to assemble images of thousands of different products. Food items can be classified by categories before being annotated to reflect their shape or condition.



Using data collection technology we can create large datasets of over 100,000 images. These images cover an enormous variety of clothing types, providing the variety and depth that retail sector algorithms require.

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Our team leverages a wealth of annotation knowledge to make certain that your bespoke datasets enhance and streamline your machine learning project. Keymakr’s teams are experienced at assembling exceptional image and video datasets with the help of our proprietary data collection tool. Take advantage of our expertise and secure the right data for your model.


Data Creation

Keymakr studio supports the development of transformative technology by creating image and video data based on your specifications.

Data Creation

Bespoke dataset creation empowers AI developers by allowing them to specify and access image and video data that fits the particular needs of their models. Our bespoke data can feature a greater variety of images that are more reflective of the real world, it is also guaranteed to be of higher quality.

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