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Generative AI

Keymakr’s in-house team and proprietary image annotation tools are here to help you get the highest quality training datasets for all your computer vision needs.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence technology that creates new data based on existing, usually real-world, materials. Think of it as new synthetic data that can be generated on demand to suit your training needs. You can use it to create:

  • Photorealistic faces, landscapes, and animals.
  • Manufacturing data such as defects, and references.
  • Scenes that portray scenarios in retail, logistics, etc.
  • Bulk data with endless variations for real-world situations.

Let’s Start

Generate Hyper-Realistic
Training Data With Keymakr

Access a limitless library of custom-generated images and videos for your computer vision models. Use generative AI to create clean training data:


All generated data comes labeled and ready for use in training.

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Easily slot generated images into your machine-learning models for quick results.

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Generate realistic data free from common gaps in regular datasets.

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Purpose-made for your specific industry and customized for your needs.

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Don’t settle for a generic dataset! Keymakr can help you unlock the power of generative AI to create the perfect training ground for your computer vision models, all on your platform of choice.

Get Started With Generative AI For Your CV Models

Get access to unlimited training data today! Unleash the full potential of your AI models with Keymakr’s Generative AI solutions.


Discuss your project needs and vision with our AI specialists – what type of synthetic data generation for machine learning will suit best to your project needs.



We find the ideal generative AI model for your specific requirements and discuss how it fits into your training.



We start working with the model to seamlessly slot it into your business process. We also craft tailored prompts that optimize AI generation for your desired visuals.



We generate a vast library of custom images and videos, refining them with your input for optimal results.



Our specialists verify the quality of our generated training data. After that, it’s seamlessly integrated into your AI model development.

Get In Touch

How Keymakr can help you leverage generative AI

There are lots of options for AI companies in search of image annotation. We are here to enable you to produce endless datasets that fit specific training needs. Save time and effort for your team by feeding clean-generated data directly into your pipeline. Overcome limitations of real-world datasets such as privacy concerns, lack of diversity, and so on.

01.Platform Choice & Expertise

Platform Choice & Expertise

We partner with you to leverage the strengths of leading generative AI platforms and discover the best solution for you. Depending on your specific needs, we can employ industry-leading generative tools provided by Google, OpenAI, and others - or create custom environments for your project based on Stable Diffusion and other models.

02.Fast Image & Video Generation

Fast Image & Video Generation

You provide the vision, and we use AI to generate a vast library of images and videos tailored to your specific needs. Need close-up shots in various lighting conditions? Or diverse demographics represented in dataset materials? AI-powered image and video creation makes it possible. Moreover, all generated images come pre-labeled for you to easily use in your training.

03.Training Data Powerhouse

Training Data Powerhouse

The more data you have, the better your models learn and perform, leading to superior accuracy and real-world effectiveness with modern machine learning synthetic data. You can use generated data in all sorts of industries:

  • Missing values (for example, if someone forgot to record particular information)
  • Outliers (values that are much higher or lower than others)
  • Normal distribution

And much more! Any real-world data you can think of can be generated.

04.Human Supervision

Human Supervision

We go beyond simply creating visuals. We ensure the quality and consistency of your AI-generated data, aligning it with your project goals and desired outcomes. Generated datasets have a common concern of being potentially unrealistic or irrelevant. At Keymakr, we overcome this by verifying everything in your datasets with layers of human inputs.

05.Expertise & Efficiency

Expertise & Efficiency

Our team of AI specialists streamlines the entire process, freeing you to focus on what matters most – developing groundbreaking applications for your AI models. We ensure the superior quality of synthetic data for machine learning. Our job is to handle your data and its validation - yours is to get great innovative products on the market.

06.Responsible AI Development

Responsible AI Development

We prioritize responsible AI practices throughout the process, ensuring ethical data generation and addressing potential biases. To ensure your data is clean and actionable, we will run tests in different models and diversify the generation streams - this will ensure your pre-annotated data doesn’t fall prey to specific biases present in only a single model.