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Image and video annotation

Keymakr’s advanced video annotation tools and our professional in-house annotation team ensure the best results for your computer vision training data needs.

Annotating videos while tracking objects through multiple frames. Each object on the video will be recognized and tracked even through different cameras or separate video segments.

Multiple attributes per object: each annotated object can be assigned with multiple attributes with desired hierarchy. Object attributes can be changed on a key frame numerous times during the video annotation and carry on with the new value.

Our services

Data Annotation

Video and Image Annotations

We create high quality, human-annotated data for your machine learning models and AI.
This includes any imagery data annotation: image annotation and labeling, video annotation and labeling, custom machine learning datasets for any specific needs of your project.

Data Validation

Dataset Validation

Improve the accuracy of your existing models. Whether it’s a bounding box, polygon annotation, instance segmentation, semantic segmentation or any other annotation type, we verify and correct your algorithmic outputs. Quality training data plays an important part in developing Computer Vision and the solutions that rely on machine learning to interpret images.

Data Classification

Object Classification

Assigning different classes to objects in images or videos to train a machine learning model to recognize the object.

Our value

Proprietary Technology

Our R&D team constantly develops and perfects the annotation tools. This means we successfully tackle projects with any requirements.

Superior Quality

3 layers of human quality verification finalized with a 4th layer of auto-quality control by running scripts ensure remarkable results.


Quick results with high throughput. The work force is easily increased if needed. From 10,000 annotations to 100,000 and more, we got it covered.

Cost Effective

Save money! We offer the most competitive pricing by providing a cost-efficient alternative to having an in-house team and volume-based discounts.


We follow strict standards and always keep the data and information private and secure by applying all necessary measures such as encryption, data expiration, vpn's and more.

In-House Team

The annotations are performed by our in-house employees - trained professional annotators. The training data sets go through 4 layers of quality control to ensure the highest quality of the results.

Our Partners & Clients


How we work

Free trial in three steps

  • We speak with you to better understand the requirement for the project
  • Keymakr runs a free pilot (POC) on your data, according to the requirements
  • You receive the results of the pilot, evaluate the speed and the quality of our work, as well as estimate the resources needed for the project

Starting a project

  • We receive full project requirement from the client
  • Based on the requirements, we create SOW (statement of work) with instructions for our operators
  • SOW has an exam attached to it. Each operator must pass the exam in order to begin working on a project
  • All questions raised by operators during the exam are added to FAQ part of the instructions


  • For each project we create scenarios for automatic script tests
  • After the annotation is completed, we run a verification on the completed tasks
  • QA team runs automatic sanity scripts for complete quality control
  • QA team doble-verifies random tasks
  • Each operator is re-examined on a weekly basis

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