Identifying Security Threats with the Help of Data Annotation

May 13, 2021

Security systems powered by computer vision based AI models have the potential to stop security threats before they can escalate. Cameras equipped with AI systems can act as vital early warning systems, supporting security staff and law enforcement.

Public spaces are increasingly being viewed as targets for violence, AI security systems could help to assuage the worries of a concerned public by providing a reliable blanket of security.

Camera equipped with AI system | Keymakr

AI powered cameras have already shown the capacity to recognise objects such, like vehicles, that may be involved in criminal activity. However, increasingly smart security systems are now showing the capacity to identify potentially suspicious or threatening behavior in real-time. This blog will examine how this development is being facilitated by the intelligent use of professional annotation services.

The Promise of AI Security Systems

Surveillance cameras are now the norm in most large cities. These devices collect enormous quantities of footage but are really only effective when they are being monitored by a human operator. The primary purpose of these cameras is to provide evidence after a crime has been committed.

One application for AI cameras could be speeding up this evidence gathering by using machine learning models to look through video footage for, say, a particular vehicle or a person wearing a specific outfit. This technology can free up huge amounts of time for investigators whilst maintaining the accuracy standards of responsible evidence gathering.

AI security systems | Keymakr

Potential use cases for AI backed surveillance are beginning to be developed that will allow for preemptive security measures, in addition to evidence collection. AI surveillance cameras can now play an active part in real-time surveillance through sentiment-analysis and object detection. These systems have the capacity to act as early warning signs, alerting busy security staff to emerging threats.

How Image and Video Annotation Support AI for Security

The development and improvement of real-time threat monitoring AI is being supported by image and video annotation. Accurate and varied training data is essential for AI systems to function effectively in all circumstances. By collaborating with professional annotation services, like Keymakr, security AI innovators are ensuring they have access to quality datasets for every use case:

  • Emotion Recognition: Models are trained using large quantities of annotated images of faces. These labeled images help AI systems to recognize what kind of emotions are being expressed by an individual and whether this might prevent a potential threat. Problematic individuals can then be flagged for security to assess.
  • Facial Recognition: Identifying known criminals can be a powerful tool for protecting a shop or a venue. Annotation providers can produce images of faces in which the key points of the face are annotated. This labeled training data is then used by companies to create facial recognition machine learning models.
  • Person tagging and analysis: Skeletal annotations of different bodies, carried out by skilled teams of annotators, can produce datasets with security AI applications. Models can use these datasets to track potential threats across multiple frames of video, or they can identify unusual body language and movements, catching problems before they escalate.
  • Object Recognition: Correctly identifying objects is essential for real-time security AI systems. Cameras have the capacity to recognise dangerous objects, such as guns or knives, acting as an early warning system so that security forces can respond more rapidly. Annotation services can expedite the creation of useful object recognition datasets by leveraging their labeling experience and management structures.
Video annotation | Keymakr

The task of providing safe spaces of work and leisure for everyone is being greatly benefitted by developments in machine learning and AI. At the heart of these developments is accurate, relevant image and video training data.

Keymakr provides professional data annotation for the security sector, utilizing experienced in-house annotation teams and proprietary technology. Contact a team member to book your personalized demo today.

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