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High-quality data labeling for manufacturing enterprises - from industrial automation to assembly line control, quality assurance, damage detection, and more.

Expert Labeling of
Manufacturing Data

Manufacturing Data Annotation services for a wide range of computer vision applications.
Manufacturing Data Annotation

Today’s manufacturing automation relies heavily on AI and computer vision systems for many tasks such as keeping track of items, detecting defects, making precise measurements, and so on. Keymakr helps developers and manufacturers turn raw data into actionable datasets.

Our in-house teams are trained to annotate your existing materials and can even create entirely new data for your needs. We employ these techniques to optimize your performance:

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Annotation Types

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01. Automatic Annotation

Fast AI-assisted labeling for your manufacturing data - our team uses strict quality control measures to ensure its accuracy.

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Automatic Annotation

02. Bounding Box

Manually label individual objects such as items on the assembly line so your automated systems and robotics can distinguish between them.

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Bounding Box

03. Oriented Bounding Box

More accurate labeling that takes the exact angling or orientation of objects into account when training your system.

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Oriented Bounding Box

04. Cuboid

Useful for any dataset that requires that additional dimension, such as recognizing the volume of containers in your production process.

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05. Polygon

This technique is most useful when labeling irregular objects with unusual shapes such as specialty parts used during assembly.

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06. Semantic Segmentation

This process ‘explains’ an entire scene to your computer vision system so that your automation can keep track of everything.

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Semantic Segmentation

07. Instance Segmentation

Some projects require even more precision where every individual instance of an object gets a separate color and label.

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Instance Segmentation

08. Skeletal

Normally used for keeping track of humans and accurately labeling motion. In construction, helps keep track of your workers on site.

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09. Key Points

Granular labeling of small dots useful for industries that rely on deeply precise measurements such as producing chips for consumer electronics.

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Key Points

10. Lane

Labels various relevant lanes and paths in your facilities - from conveyor belts to safety lines, infrastructure, and so on.

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11. Custom

Many manufacturers require custom systems to help develop unique state-of-the-art systems applicable to their specific process.

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Professional Data Annotation
for Manufacturers


Get accurately labeled industrial data for your AI systems from trained annotation teams!

01. Powerful Defect Detection

Defect Detection

Streamline your manufacturing process with detailed datasets that catalog every single possible way in which your manufacturing process could go wrong:

  • Avoid expensive recalls and bad batches.
  • Alert human operators to any potential hazards.
  • Catch problems early in the assembly process.
  • Control your manufacturing performance.

02. Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Identify and perform necessary equipment maintenance before breakdowns happen. Analyzing and labeling visual data of equipment parts and wear-and-tear helps computer vision recognize problems before they halt your production.

In addition, accurately labeled manufacturing data will help streamline your quality control process and free up valuable time for other tasks.

03. Manufacturing Logistics Management

Manufacturing Logistics Management

Teach your system to effectively maintain your warehouse storage space and report on misplacements or suboptimal space usage. This can be done by analyzing and labeling visual data from your warehouse cameras or delivery trucks.

Precise image annotation is supporting the development of AI at every stage of manufacturing. These robots can automate the sorting of a wide variety of objects and materials. By annotating images of inventory for training datasets, Keymakr can help your systems reach their full potential.

04. Industrial Robotics

Industrial Robotics

Whether you’re creating fine computer electronics, handling food processing, or mass-producing boxed goods, your assembly line likely makes good use of robotics. Computer vision systems can help your automation reach its full potential when trained with clean data. This data enables you to use:

  • Robotics optimization.
  • Efficiency tracking.
  • Gap analysis.
  • Predictive models.


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"Delivering Quality and Excellence"

The upside of working with Keymakr is their strategy to annotations. You are given a sample of work to correct before they begin on the big batches. This saves all parties time and...


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bility to accommodate different and not consistent workflows.
Ability to scale up as well as scale down.
All the data was in the custom format that...


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I have worked with Keymakr for about 2 years on several segmentation tasks.
They always provide excellent edge alignment, consistency, and speed...



We bring deep hands-on experience with validating, labeling, and creating data to your project so you can focus on what you
do best - developing amazing solutions.

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Keymakr started with a core team of 10 employees in 2015 and grew to employ over 1000 in-house team members in just two years. We are not only helping to create the best AI possible, we are
creating jobs for people that are as passionate as we are about technology.

To achieve this, we created a proprietary data annotation platform that enables us and our partners to provide high-quality clean data to anyone in need of it.

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