AI Can Simplify Image Editing

Jan 4, 2022

AI is making processes easier in a wide variety of industries. In the manufacturing sector smart AI systems can make production lines more efficient and safer. Similarly, in the waste management industry computer vision based AI models can sort waste autonomously.

In addition to these highly visible advances AI has been integrated into many software programs used by professionals every day. Marketing is one sector that now relies on computer vision models to make once complex tasks simple. AI assisted image editing is now a vital part of any marketers toolkit.

This important AI application is made possible by annotated training data. However, developers need access to effective image annotation services so that they can keep improving this technology.

Firstly this blog will look at why AI image editing is so useful for marketing professionals. Secondly, we will look at some specific AI editing applications. Thirdly, we will look at the annotation techniques that make AI editing possible. And finally, we will look at the advantages offered by annotation services in this sector.

The necessity of quick editing

Quic image editing is essential for most modern, and web based marketing strategies. Marketers need to produce engaging images for social media on a daily basis, they also may need to change existing images so that they can be reposted.

However, designers may be too expensive to hire for each editing task, or in-house designers might be unavailable or busy with other tasks. As a result, marketing professionals need to be able to perform simple image editing tasks accurately and consistently. Thankfully, AI powered image editing programs can help marketers to achieve this.

Image annotation | Keymakr
Image annotation | Keymakr

AI powered editing applications

Computer vision models enable marketing professionals to easily carry out a number of image editing processes:

  • Removing backgrounds: Integrated AI technology can quickly separate foreground images from background elements. This allows marketers to easily highlight important parts of images in a way that enhances their content.
  • Snipping: AI can also help with highlighting and removing parts of images. Computer vision systems can quickly locate the pixel boundaries of discrete objects in images. This helps save time that would otherwise have been spent manually outlining and snipping the object.
  • Finding blemishes: AI can also make airbrushing images faster and easier. For human faces computer vision can locate blemishes and smooth out skin tones. AI can also be used by marketers to modify unwanted aspects of images, such as people and objects in image backgrounds.
  • Lighting: AI can help marketing professionals to define the type of lighting and contrast they want in their promotional images. Computer vision powered software can dynamically change the tone of images by adjusting lighting in a realistic way.

Annotation techniques support editing AI

AI powered editing software is made possible by annotated training data. By adding information to training images annotators help AI models to function autonomously. The following annotation techniques are crucial for editing AI:

  • Polygon annotation: This technique helps AI models to recognize and extract complex shapes in images. Polygon annotation is done by outlining target objects with short lines connected at vertices.
  • Semantic segmentation: This annotation technique works by assigning each pixel in an image to a defined class. This helps AI systems to quickly separate objects from backgrounds.
Keymakr Demo

Annotation services can help

Keymakr is helping editing AI developers to create even more powerful editing tools. Keymakr offers innovators in this sector a range of advantages:

  • Managed teams: Keymakr’s in-house annotation team is led by experienced managers.
  • Proprietary technology: Keymakr’s annotation platform has unique project management capabilities that keep annotation tasks on schedule.
  • Data creation: In-house image and video creation facilities allow developers to craft highly bespoke training datasets.

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Inna Nomerovska

Inna Nomerovska is the VP of Marketing and Brand Strategy at Keymakr | Keylabs. She is a tireless technology enthusiast with 15 years of experience in international marketing and startup background.

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