How AI Can Be Used To Engage In Aerial Data Collection Services and Annotation

Oct 25, 2022

AI can be used for a variety of purposes nowadays. For example, if you’ve ever driven into a parking garage that showed a specific number of vacant spots or noticed traffic light speed changing based on traffic congestion, you’ve witnessed AI in action!

One of the most common ways AI is used in society is through autonomous vehicle data collection. In addition, it can also be used to search large volumes of data, such as PDFs or image data collection services. This technology is used to create safe and efficient living for society today.

Computer Vision Can Help Search Large Volumes of PDFs

If you need to search through a large volume of PDFs to find specific information, AI can help. In addition, AI can use image data collection services to help you find specific keywords or photos you need. This is particularly helpful for researching or identifying specific gaps within your data set.

One example of using AI for data collection and annotation is the postal service. Often, AI can be used to read specific text and barcodes in a large group of packages. This technology is called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and can detect text in images and then translate that data into readable text in your software.

As a result, image data collection services are easy for post offices and shipping centers to keep track of their incoming and outgoing packages.

Libraries and other education systems can use this technology too. For example, AI can scan large shelves of books to determine the library's inventory and even identify missing or rented-out books.

This can save time when creating and maintaining information databases for these types of employment. Teachers could also use this technology to access resources for their students, in-person or online, more easily.

Image annotation
Image annotation | Keymakr

Computer Vision Can Help Search and Annotate Images

AI image data collection isn’t just used for text. In fact, these data collection services can be used to determine lots of other information, such as info for parking garages!

For example, some parking garages use AI as aerial data collection services, which take regular photos above parking spaces. The AI can then determine if a space is empty or not using this information. A sign with the number of parking spaces is then updated according to the updates in this data collection and labeling.

Another way images can be analyzed using AI is in the medical field. Some advanced hospitals are already using AI to make analyzing scans more efficiently, including:

  • X-rays
  • CT scans
  • MRIs

AI can diagnose specific conditions, identify necessary treatments, and even plan surgeries. As a result, doctors can use this information to provide more effective care for the particular needs of their patients, which can lead to fewer misdiagnoses and decreased malpractice claims.

Though not regularly used, AI as a medical tool is highly sought after. It is often more effective than human analysis since some image abnormalities are too small or faint for the human eye to detect. This would also allow for earlier detection of conditions such as cancer, which often aren’t detected until a noticeable mass has grown. This could lead to more lives saved with early assessment and treatment.

Computer Vision Can Help Search and Annotate Videos

AI doesn’t just stop at photos and spreads to video data collection services as well. This technology is actually used more often than you’d think. In manufacturing, one of the biggest ways video data collection services are used in society.

AI can be used to detect potential errors in the manufacturing process more efficiently than humans can. Specific examples include identifying incorrect or missing medication from packaging or identifying malformed products.

This video data collection for machine learning then communicates the error to the manufacturing machine. Some machines are advanced enough to discard the incorrect product on their own, while others may simply alert human workers to the error on the production line. This technology is already being used in companies such as Tesla and Coke.

Video annotation | Keymakr

Computer Vision Can Help Monitor Changing Video, Images, and Text

If the above three weren’t enough, some AI is so advanced it can handle analyzing all three! Videos, images, and text can all be analyzed at once with some software, and they can even be analyzed while actively changing. This is the case with:

  • Autonomous vehicle data collection
  • Product assembly
  • Automated PPE detection
  • Precision agriculture data collection

While autonomous vehicles (aka, self driving cars!) are seemingly a vision for the future, they are much closer to the present than you’d think. Autonomous driving data collection determines the driver’s surroundings, such as stop signs, traffic lights, pedestrians, other cars, and weather conditions. Autonomous vehicles also take into account their current location and the desired destination to get the passengers to arrive safely.

Ultimately, autonomous vehicle data collection is one of the most important AI systems in the world. However, if this AI is programmed incorrectly, it could lead to the loss of many lives, whether pedestrians or passengers. As such, self-driving cars are still in the works, but trials with test vehicles can be expected in the coming years.

Keymakr Demo


There are many different ways AI can be used. Between autonomous vehicles, medical equipment, and manufacturing plants, there is no shortage of need for smarter, more efficient AI. If you’re looking for technology to help you with data collection, consider Keymakr for your next project. We specialize in image and video data collection services that are sure to make your next project a hit. Take a look at our services for more information.

Inna Nomerovska

Inna Nomerovska is the VP of Marketing and Brand Strategy at Keymakr | Keylabs. She is a tireless technology enthusiast with 15 years of experience in international marketing and startup background.

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