Waste Management AI Image Recognition

Teach your computer vision model to recognize types of waste and identify what can be recycled.

Image and video annotation for waste management

According to your project you can choose an annotation type that suits your needs better, or we can create a completely new annotation type based on your requirements.

bounding boxes
polygon annotation
point annotation

Waste management and recycling became a hot topic in our world full of plastic.

Management of medical and biohazard waste

When it comes to medical and biohazard waste processing everything should come with extra protection and caution. That’s where industrial robotics comes into play. Modern robotics systems can sort dangerous objects such as sharp or toxic materials without human intervention. With the help of our datasets you can teach your AI to recognize such objects and take actions accordingly.

Marking annotation

Most paper, plastic, glass and metal containers and packaging have recycle type markings. For example "1-PETE, 2-HDPE, 3-V, 4-LDPE, 5-PP, 6-PS, 7-Other" for plastic containers. We are able to annotate each specific type and help your computer vision categorize the waste according to the markings.

Aerial annotation for waste management

We annotate drone footage, images and videos of landfills to find specific waste types that need to be targeted. If your project requires search of plastic waste in the ocean or remote locations, there is no better way to do it than a drone or satellite imaging. Keymakr specializes in video annotation taken in different weather and light conditions

Waste categorization for sorting facilities

Image annotation and labeling for waste management designed to help your sorting facility to work better and more efficient. Computer vision models based on our annotated data can be implemented to sort waste and make human labour easier and faster with the help of industrial robotics.

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