AI is playing a leading role in raising performance across a range of professional sports. Detailed analytics and movement analysis are helping coaches and players improve tactically and technically

AI is also at the core of a new generation of remote fitness applications. Apps and fitness mirrors can track and analyze body movements, helping to optimize home workouts.

Keymakr is creating high quality image and video training datasets in partnership with industry leaders. Our experienced managers and skilled in-house annotation team are meeting the data needs of today’s cutting-edge sport and fitness AI projects.

Video annotation for soccer and other professional sports

Keymakr makes use of proprietary annotation tools to label video data accurately and efficiently. Smart, scalable video annotation is the raw material for the development of exciting AI use cases for soccer and other professional sports:

Annotating players in each frame of video with bounding boxes allows AI models to identify and analyse player movements.
Skeletal annotation is being deployed to gain a granular understanding of how individual players move and interact.
Annotated video, in which advertisements, badges, logos and watermarks are located in each frame, is being used to measure advertising placement and efficacy.

Image and video annotation for sport applications

At Keymakr we leverage our annotation expertise and innovative labeling technology to create bespoke solutions for AI development across a range of sports:

Detailed and accurate annotation supports the creation of AI applications that can produce instant highlight packages for broadcast or the internet.
Identify injuries before they occur with the help of skeletal annotation, and help diagnosis and treatment with medical image data labeling.
Create detailed sports analytics models with video annotation that tracks every important event in a game.

Image and video annotation for fitness

Apps for home fitness and personal exercise are allowing individuals to improve their technique and performance. Keymakr is collaborating with AI developers to produce a new generation of fitness aides:

Skeletal annotation supports personalised workout apps that track progress and give individuals advice on proper form.
Expert image and video annotation powers apps that teach better technique for amateur sportspeople.

Image and video annotation for fitness mirrors

Fitness mirrors that guide exercisers through intense and rewarding fitness programs are becoming an increasingly common feature in many homes. Accessing quality data annotation at the appropriate scales is key to ensuring this exciting technology reaches its potential:

Fitness mirrors can prevent injuries by alerting users to potentially dangerous movements that they are making in real-time.
Tracking of movements and repetition leads to better data that can guide users and help them reach their fitness goals.

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