Computer vision AI for Robotics and Manufacturing applications

Teach your computer vision model to recognize objects on an assembly line.

Robotics and manufacturing automation

Keymakr is providing Computer Vision annotation for manufacturing with highly accurate training and validation data.

Image annotation for quality control and defects detection.

  • High-quality image and video annotation helps machine vision increase inspection rates without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Properly trained cameras can consistently spot the slightest manufacturing defects missed by human eye.
Computer vision AI for Robotics

Use cases

There are multiple use cases for image and video labeling in automation and robotics

  • Object detection
  • Environmental sensing
  • Inventory and logistics
  • Inventory sorting
  • Quality control
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Waste management

Environment perception

environment perception

The ability of highly functional industrial robots to recognize the objects and map their path without hitting an obstacles and wrecking a havoc comes with carefully annotated datasets of images and videos in 2D and 3D dimensions that we can create for your specific project needs

Predictive maintenance

Identify and perform necessary equipment maintenance before breakdowns happen. Analyzing and labeling visual data of equipment parts and wear-and-tear help machine vision recognize the problem beforehand.

Logistics management

Teach your system to effectively maintain your warehouse storage space and report on misplacements or suboptimal space usage. This can be done by analyzing and labeling visual data from your warehouse cameras.

Inventory handling and sorting

Once equipped with proper pattern-matching toolset drones can assist in precision agriculture

Waste management

environment perception

Robotics are actively emerging in such industries as waste management allowing to avoid potentially dangerous situations and hazardous conditions for humans.

In order to effectively sort the waste and identify recycling materials, industrial robots will need a carefully prepared dataset with manual annotation and classification of different waste types.

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