Retail annotation

In the fast-paced environment of the modern world, there are countless AI applications in retail. From smart check-outs to loyalty programs driven by face recognition algorithms, not to mention security and loss prevention. We can help you to turn actual images into actionable insights, automate your store and increase the profitability of the store.. With precise annotation of your retail store videos and images you could maximize profitability and enhance your in-store experience by creating meaningful shelf insights.

Common retail applications of the visual training datasets that we create:

Loss prevention – smart checkout

Real-time view of store and field performance:

Face recognition:

Sentiment analysis: Analyze facial expressions to understand customer sentiment towards the promotions and products on shelves. Analyzing in-store traffic:

What Keymakr can do for you:

Keymakr is an expert in providing retail annotations and creating training datasets for retail applications for building machine learning models and visual AI. We take care of all aspects of data preparation, normalization and data annotation. Furthermore, we are able to develop and train machine learning models that are tailored for in-store experience as smart checkout, loss prevention, navigating through the store and inventory management. Keymakr specializes in custom-made Training Datasets for Machine Learning models and Computer Vision AI. We work with any video or imagery data. To ensure the highest quality of the training data, Keymakr offers an in-house team of professional annotators as well as proprietary advanced annotation tools. How we work: Keymakr would identify with you how the training data for your model should look like. After the requirements for the annotation are created, we would start the annotation process. Our Services include

The annotations are performed by our in-house employees - trained professional annotations. The training data sets go through 4 layers of quality control to ensure the highest quality of the results All annotations could have different precision levels up to “pixel-perfect”.

Video and Image annotation types:

Video annotations: Object tracking

Our advanced technology allows us to annotate videos while tracking objects through multiple frames or even recognize the same object from different cameras and merging the footage annotation output. Each tracked object can be assigned with multiple attributes that could change on a key frame numerous times during the video annotation.

Keymakr Data Annotation Services

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