Image annotation for medical industry

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Keymakr performs complex medical annotations for machine vision models.

Through our network we have access to a large pool of certified medical specialists for performing the annotations with highest accuracy possible.

Our medical annotation services:

  • Advanced in-house annotation tools quickly produce and validate large custom datasets.
  • Wide selection of certified medical professionals who perform the annotation.
  • Medical Imagery on demand.

Common annotation types in medical industry:

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At Keymakr we understand that every project is different and requires specific expertise.

We offer multiple levels of medical image annotation expertise:

  • Certified medical professionals
  • Medical students
  • Professional Annotators who are trained to perform medical annotations.

Annotation by certified specialists

We have access to any certified specialist that is available in the hospital facility. For example, the annotation can be performed by certified pathologists with 5+ or even 10+ years of experience.

Annotation by medical students

Annotations are performed by medical students, under the supervision of an experienced doctor/ pathologist.

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Sourcing medical imagery

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One of the biggest challenges for medical companies is training data for their machine vision AI.
Sourcing quality X-ray, CT and MRI data could be difficult.

We build custom medical medical imaging datasets by sourcing images from dozens of partners both local and overseas.

Quality assurance

  • Internal quality control process is an important part of each project.
  • Multiple specialists cross-checking each other annotations.
  • Senior specialists are double-checking the results of the work.

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