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In a short period of time since starting our company in 2015, we have not only grown into a large company, but we have also become one of the leading data annotation service providers. We have a full-time in-house team that provides high-quality data annotations on our own data annotation platform Keylabs.

We are proud of the work we do and always deliver the highest quality data for the projects we work on. Many of them are breakthroughs in their industry and get attention from leading AI media. We're glad our work resonates and is recognized. Every new publication makes us proud, and we invite you ti read what publishers say:

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The role of new innovations in preventing retail injuries

With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Machine Learning (ML), workplace safety is significantly improved.


Annotate your images with the best data labeling tools in 2023

Developing artificial intelligence (AI) systems requires data labeling software. Using this tool, data can be labeled and annotated in a consistent and standardized manner, just as with a widely used video and image annotation tool.
Through the use of these software tools, annotators are able to efficiently label large amounts of data in various formats, such as images, videos, audio, and text. The result is high-quality, accurately labeled training datasets, which are crucial for building robust and accurate artificial intelligence models.


In order to help companies scale video annotation precisely, Keymakr launched its SaaS platform Keylabs

Keymakr's CEO and founder, Arie Zilberman, states: "Data annotation is rapidly expanding, but to make the most of it, we need to do it properly." In light of the increasing importance of machine learning in virtually every industry, we aim to provide companies with the tools necessary for scalable data annotation as well as the ability to construct models more efficiently and precisely.


Keylabs: Human Expertise Guiding Machine Learning

Since 2015, Keymakr has become a global leader in data annotation, especially in video, with its Keylabs platform. CEO Michael Abramov highlights their efficiency and accuracy in AI projects. Their future focuses on blending automation with human expertise, advancing data annotation technology in the evolving digital landscape.


Data Annotation is Out, KeySmart Data Annotation is In

In a time when most businesses are in a competitive sprint towards automating data annotation, Keymakr is carving a unique path to triumph in executing projects for their partners.

With a rich history in the data annotation field dating back to 2015 and the successful completion of over 1500 projects, Keymakr is strategically investing in a blend of automation and human proficiency. The experiences gleaned from these numerous projects enable them to predict the future of data annotation. They see it as a multifaceted decision facilitated by KeyMakr (service component) and KeyLabs (tool component) — together forming KeySmart Annotation.


Keymakr Data Annotation Service Company: Becoming, Evolving, Vision

The tech and Artificial Intelligence sphere is expanding, and Keymakr is privileged to participate in its progression. Keymakr's goal is to play a role in crafting superior technology.
A conversation with Michael Abramov, the Chief Executive Officer of Keylabs.


The Upcoming Era of Smart Retail: The Role of AI

It's crucial to recognize that the upcoming generation will be living in a digital age, wherein every aspect of their lives, inbound and outbound, will be reflected as data points. These data clusters will embody everything from our transactions, invoices, educational history, medical appointments, and personal travels to our convictions, aspirations, and potentially aspects we can't even conceive at the moment. With the progression of Generative AI, it has the potential not only to identify emotions displayed on our faces but also to perceive the emotions and thoughts deep within our hearts.


Artificial intelligence can be used to solve the problem of toxic waste

Through the use of artificial intelligence, it is possible to perform a process known as image annotation that allows a computer to cluster parts of an image that belong to the same object class. Waste management facilities can use this to identify all recyclable material being processed. Then they can repurpose it. As a result, the system can identify all toxic waste more effectively than a human.


This week's real-time analytics news

A partnership between Keymakr and Recycleye has been announced with the aim of reducing the amount of recyclable material that enters landfills. By developing machine learning (ML) models to label and identify "edge cases" within Recycleye's waste management sorting technology, Keymakr assists Recycleye with optimizing its sorting technology.


Keymakr trains Recycleye's ML models, reducing landfill waste

Recycleye, a manufacturer of digital tools that detect and provide analytics on waste management, partners with Keymakr, a data annotation service provider providing high quality datasets to AI innovators, to help reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills by reducing the amount of recyclable materials that go into landfills. As a result of the partnership, Keymakr develops machine learning (ML) models to label and identify "edge cases" for Recycleye's waste management sorting technology.


Artificial intelligence increases the potential for recycling at waste management facilities

In order to reduce the amount of recyclable materials that end up in landfills, Keymakr, a provider of data annotation services, has partnered with Recycleye, a provider of digital tools for detecting and providing analytics on waste management.


Why You Can't Write It Off Yet

It used to be the talk of the town when it came to the Internet of Things (IoT). However, its promises have not met their expectations, but the IoT may still have a bright future.


What Artificial Intelligence Can Do for Retail

A significant part of the digitization of brick-and-mortar businesses can be attributed to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), two subfields of computer science. AI and machine learning have the potential to personalize the shopping experience for customers. Additionally, companies may benefit from the use of these technologies to gather valuable information about their customers and other business activities.


In response to the rapid growth of the AI industry, high quality training data will become increasingly important

Keymakr's CEO and co-founder, Arie Zilberman, discussed his career and business approach in this dynamic industry.


Partnering with Keymakr, SeeChange leverages artificial intelligence to prevent falls, slips, and trips in stores

Among wholesale and retail establishments, slips, trips, and falls account for the third most common cause of lost-workday injuries. Using artificial intelligence, SeeChange automatically detects liquid spills and alerts employees of potential fall-risk areas in real time. In order to develop SpillDetect, the company used thousands of images taken from existing CCTV networks. With Keymakr's video annotation and object tracking, SeeChange is able to provide one of the industry's most accurate results.


Keymakr and SeeChange partner to prevent slips, trips, and falls in stores by using artificial intelligence

In order to reduce the number of times shoppers and employees slip, trip, and fall in brick-and-mortar stores, SeeChange, a leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions, partnered with Keymakr, a provider of data annotation services delivering high-quality datasets to AI innovators, to reduce slips, trips, and falls in brick-and-mortar stores. SeeChange partners with Keymakr to provide data annotations to identify and notify employees of liquid spills in large stores, such as the Asda supermarket chain in the United Kingdom.


What stands in the way of driverless cars becoming a mainstream technology

There is still a lot of skepticism among consumers regarding the safety of self-driving vehicles, which makes sense to some extent. Development of autonomous vehicles has encountered more obstacles than originally anticipated over the last few years, primarily due to the lack of technology that actually works as intended.


In what ways can Keymakr video annotation help AI see like a Terminator or Iron Man?

Do you remember movies such as Terminator or Iron Man, where the hero is assisted by an artificially intelligent computer that interprets what is happening in the world?

In the films, AI is shown to perceive objects by using a square or circle that zeros in on the object and marks it. In real life, this process is called data annotation, and it is the first step in enabling AI and machine learning algorithms to recognize what they see.


Keymakr introduces Keylabs, its SaaS platform

Keymakr announces the launch of Keylabs, a SaaS platform for data annotation that will be available to AI innovators. By offering Keylabs, Keymakr empowers companies of all sizes, including Zeekit, acquired by Walmart, and smaller companies, to leverage its data annotation tools.


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