AI powered virtual fitting rooms and smart visual search applications are transforming the fashion industry and changing how customers shop online. These emerging technologies are empowering consumers by showing them the fashion items they want, as well as how they match with their desired look.

Keymakr is creating training datasets and annotations for fashion AI in collaboration with innovators in the industry. We can meet the demands of any computer vision project by leveraging our experience, expertise, and proprietary annotation tools.

Image annotation for virtual fitting rooms

Video annotation for virtual fitting rooms

Clothes and shoes virtual fitting experience

Jewelry virtual fitting experience

Watches virtual fitting experience

Sunglasses and accessories virtual fitting experience

Image annotation for virtual fitting rooms

Precision image annotation for training datasets is essential for virtual fitting room development. Accurate labeling of thousands of individual clothing items requires the support of managed teams of experienced annotators. By utilizing labeling techniques, like polygon annotation, Keymakr can ensure that your dataset captures the complex picture of today’s fashion choices.

Video annotation for virtual fitting rooms

Annotating the thousands of frames in any individual piece of video training footage is a time consuming and labour intensive process. Keymakr can streamline this process by deploying cutting edge annotation technology.

Removing the burden of video annotation allows companies to focus on their core fashion AI goals.

Clothes and shoes virtual fitting experience

Consumers are increasingly eager to see how the clothing and shoes they are browsing online will fit their body and style.

Computer vision based AI models can make this a reality with the support of high quality annotation. With accurate training data virtual fitting experiences can now conform to the specific needs of each customer.

Jewelry virtual fitting experience

Smart image and video annotation can help companies to refine virtual jewelry modeling applications.

Keymakr’s professional annotators can deploy semantic segmentation techniques to capture smaller, or unusual items of jewellery in image datasets. This attention to detail ensures that final computer vision models perform well for consumers.

Watches virtual fitting experience

The experience of browsing and buying watches online can be made more engaging with AI powered virtual fitting technology. However, finding and creating the quantity and quality of training images for this kind of application can be a daunting challenge for any company.

At Keymakr we can create datasets that comply with the particular needs of watch fitting AI technology.

Sunglasses and accessories virtual fitting experience

Online fashion shopping also means finding and trying on a wide range of accessories, including sunglasses.

Keymakr’s annotators create datasets that reflect a diverse range of fashion items. Annotation techniques, such as instance segmentation, allow training images to capture the granular detail required for fully functioning fashion AI models.

Keymakr supports your fashion AI project

We provide virtual fitting rooms and smart visual search projects with quality datasets
that streamline development:

We guarantee precise, high quality annotations. Our three levels of human quality verification are also backed up by automated quality checking algorithms, which help ensure errors are eliminated from your data.

Our professional teams of annotators work in-house, managed by experienced supervisors. This means that your annotation work will be accomplished efficiently and within your development timelines.

At Keymakr we pride ourselves on being able to deliver custom datasets that meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our flexible data creation processes and proprietary annotation tools allow us to fulfill the boutique needs of any company.

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