Document annotation

We Annotate a variety of documents, such as invoices, cheques, bills and even newspapers and magazines.


documnet annotation

All invoices are different. If you need to train your computer vision model to be sophisticated and be able to read them all, we are here to help.

document annotation

We annotate different parts of a document to your requirements.

Top, bottom, columns, lines and tables. We annotate different parts of a document to your requirements, to make it easier for your CV model to recognize Issuer, amount needed to be paid, tax amount and due date.

It’s all about numbers. Teach your model to differentiate between phone number, date, hours, quantity and payable amount.


No job is too hard. Get full benefit of our custom-tailored approach to every project, contact us to discuss details.


Even the most advanced applications get confused trying to process newspapers, especially old ones. Columns of text mixed with vintage advertising and pictures. Sometimes there is not a single straight line in those old prints.

With our annotation you can teach your software to navigate spreads and columns in proper order so it won’t be confused with enormous amounts of poorly structured text data.

Proprietary technology

Take advantage of our innovative data annotation software and ensure that your models are trained with precise, varied data. Our proprietary annotation platform features a full suite of document markup tools allowing our team to efficiently annotate pdf documents and annotate documents online. Our unique project management features ensure that annotation tasks are completed on schedule, and our detailed workforce analytics allow our managers to assign jobs based on performance.

Legal documents

Extract key information from important legal documentation with the help of document annotation. Reduce human error and improve document processing.

Tax documents

Tax forms are a significant burden for many organisations. Machine learning can automate the processing of these documents when it is supported with accurately annotated image data.

Expense reporting

Calculating expenses from complex forms is a time consuming task. AI can accelerate this process by parsing key information from expense documents. Our experienced teams make sure that the right information is highlighted in your training data.


Receipts contain a large amount of data that can be extremely valuable for organisations large and small. By training AI models with precisely annotated documents this metadata can be extracted and put to good use.

Content moderation

Ensuring that online content remains legal and appropriate is essential for many organizations. Automated moderation systems can streamline this process. Take advantage of Keymakr’s annotation expertise to ensure the success of your content moderation models.

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