Aerial Technology Depends on Video Annotation

Dec 2, 2021

Aerial technology systems are a vital, and sometimes controversial, part of modern society. Drones are used in every industry, from entertainment to the military. Similarly, satellite imagery plays an important role in many sectors. Aerially captured images and video give a different perspective that can show things that are not obvious from ground level.

It is therefore no surprise that many innovators are beginning to combine drones and satellites with computer vision based AI systems. This combination allows aerial technology to operate autonomously and monitor a range of image and video data.

However, the continued success of AI in this sector is only possible with accurate video annotation. Human annotators allow AI models to learn by adding information to training videos.

First this blog will identify the impact of AI for drones and satellites. Secondly we will focus on four important video annotation techniques. And finally we will detail some of the important factors to look for when trying to find a video annotation service.

What can AI add to aerial technology

Drones and satellites are perfect for monitoring large areas and finding things that we can’t see on the ground:

  • Satellite monitoring: AI can be integrated with satellite technology to create a variety of monitoring applications. Moving satellite videos can reveal huge amounts of data that can be difficult for human analysts to process. AI can help humans by monitoring thousands of hours of satellite data autonomously.
  • Construction progress tracking: Aerial footage can be used by construction managers to quickly and accurately gauge the progress of a construction project. AI systems can compare video data from different days and identify which structures have been newly added by workers.
Video annotation | Keymakr
  • Road traffic reporting: Drones and satellites can be used to process live traffic video. AI models can accurately assess traffic levels and identify when there is congestion. As a result road traffic reporting AI systems can give city authorities early warning of potential issues on the road.
Road traffic reporting by aerial annotation
  • Livestock management: Drones can be used to monitor livestock herds autonomously. AI models can analyse video footage and interpret animal behaviour. Livestock management systems know when an animal is injured, sick or not feeding correctly. AI can give farmers more information about their herds.
Video annotation in livestock management
  • Search and rescue: Finding missing persons in large, wild environments can be a challenge for emergency services. AI powered drones can help authorities to find missing people. These machines can survey wide areas and pinpoint human shapes hidden in the landscape.
Aerial annotation in search and rescue

Important video annotation techniques

Video annotation allows AI models to understand movement. Annotators use a range of techniques to give training video footage vital contextual information:

  • Point annotation: This technique is used to locate key points in aerial videos. For example point annotation could be deployed to identify the structure of a bridge in a piece of drone footage.
  • Bounding boxes: This is a fast way of locating objects in video frames. Annotators outline things like cars or people with a simple box. This technique is a vital part of object recognition training.
  • Polygon annotation: This technique is used to more accurately locate complex shapes in video frames.
  • Line annotation: This technique simply traces linear shapes like road, railways and pipelines.

Video annotation services

Video annotation can be an expensive and time consuming problem for AI companies. However, partnering with the right annotation provider can help to overcome these issues. Keymakr gives AI developers an edge when it comes to video annotation:

  • Object interpolation: Keymakr’s platform has object interpolation features that track objects through video frames, accelerating the annotation process.
  • An experienced team: Keymakr has an in-house team of annotators who work together under the guidance of experienced managers.
  • Scalable services: It can be very expensive to create an annotation process from scratch. Keymakr allows developers to access video annotation as and when they need.
Keymakr Demo

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