3 Industries That Can Be Improved With Image Annotation

May 7, 2021

Computer vision is one of the hottest subfields of artificial intelligence at the moment. But none of the revolutionary applications we’ve heard about — from self-driving cars to autonomous drones — would be possible without image annotation.

But image annotation for deep learning isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Computer vision models are growing more sophisticated by the day—and so is the data that must be used to train these models.

And yet, computer vision has the potential to transform industries. Here are three sectors we think have the potential to benefit significantly from image innovation and its diverse use cases.

Image annotation for deep learning | Keymakr

What Is Computer Vision?

Let’s start with the basics. Computer vision, often abbreviated as CV, is a subfield of artificial intelligence that aims to give machine learning algorithms the ability to perceive and interpret the world around them, allowing them to make a decision or take some action as a result.

What Is AI Image Annotation?

So, why is AI image tagging important to computer vision? Image annotation is the process of labeling images. These images “train” machine learning algorithms to recognize objects of interest. There are a number of different image annotation techniques, including bounding boxes and polygon annotations.

Why Is AI Data Labeling Important?

Here’s what our team of data scientists expect to see on the horizon for industries that have long been ripe for innovation.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare professionals rely on visual data to guide diagnosis and treatment. This visual data emerges from modes of imaging such as CT, MRI, x-ray scans, and other types of medical imaging.

Once a patient is scanned, the data must be interpreted by an experienced medical professional. This creates a prime opportunity for computer vision. Image annotation can be used to train CV systems to identify patterns and pinpoint hairline fractures, tumors, abscesses, and much more.

When it comes to healthcare, computer vision has the opportunity to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment, eliminate backlogs, free up expensive scanner slots, and cut down patient wait times.

Healthcare image annotation | Keymakr

2. Agriculture

Agriculture remains one of the oldest industries in human history. Precision agriculture, however, is relatively new and involves the practice of combining technology with traditional farming techniques—boosting productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

Examples of precision agriculture include the use of robots, drones, GPS sensors, and autonomous vehicles to expedite farming processes that were once completely manual.

Computer vision systems can be trained to predict crop yields, determine plant health, optimize soil conditions, and much more. Image annotation would be central to these processes, allowing machine learning algorithms to pick up on specific cues, much like experienced farmers would.

Precision agriculture | Keymakr

3. Transportation

Self-driving cars are no longer in the realm of science fiction. However, part of the reason why autonomous vehicles are not as commonplace as they could be is due to safety concerns.

For an autonomous vehicle to be deployed with confidence, the machine learning algorithms powering these vehicles must be extremely robust. This requires an immense amount of training data. That’s where high-quality image annotation comes in.

The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for AV technology, including autonomous vehicles and grocery-carrying drones. The future of machine learning — and of the transportation industry — is reliant on image annotation.

Training data for autonomous vehicles | Keymakr

Professional AI Annotation Services for Your Computer Vision Project

When it comes to training data for machine learning, no saying holds more truth than “garbage in, garbage out.” That’s why AI companies often choose to rely on professional data labeling services to annotate images for AI projects with enormous potential.

Keymakr has the advanced tools, verified techniques, and trained workforce to label your images according to your standards and specifications.

We deliver pixel-perfect image and video annotations that meet your deadlines and fit your budget. Get in touch with a team member to book your personalized demo today.

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