Machine learning is opening up a world of possibilities for aerial image recognition. This technology is allowing for new levels of surveillance and analysis in a wide range of industries. In order to construct the best computer systems aerial AI innovators need access to the image and video annotation. Our experienced annotation teams and proprietary annotation tools can enhance your aerial AI project.

Keymakr creates high quality training data for your computer vision models. We annotate and label aerial images and videos with various techniques:

Common use cases of computer vision AI Aerial training data preparation

Keymakr’s high quality datasets train aerial AI applications to recognize objects in varied environments that reflect the complexity of the real world.

  • AI-enabled drone applications
  • Satellite image annotation
  • Construction progress tracking by annotation of differences between the images
  • Construction site safety
  • Equipment tracking
  • Property monitoring
  • Road traffic reporting
  • Pipeline monitoring
Computer Vision Ai Aerial Training Data Preparation
Aerial Data Computer Vision Ai Aerial Training Data Preparation

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Drones are widely used in countless scenarios: from military operations to precision agriculture.

In order to become an effective and useful piece of equipment and go beyond entertainment value, drones will need a video and image annotation for drone flying training data.

Annotation services, like Keymakr, are able to scale up video annotation, including segmentation, to whatever level is necessary for a given smart drone project. This time consuming task is therefore taken off the hands of developers, and fulfilled by proprietary annotation tools operated by experienced staff.

AI-enabled drone applications

  • Drones provide real-time aerial views for people and object tracking in hard-to-reach places and and dangerous conditions
  • Videos made by drones can also be annotated to identify moving objects and specific events

High Performance

Our annotation techniques produce accurate and fast labeling even for suboptimal raw data. This includes conditions like fog, smoke, rain, vibration and low light. In applications like autonomous disaster intervention the quality of training data is vital to mission effectiveness.

Our teams and processes are extremely responsive to the particular needs of a project. Troubleshooting is much easier when working with in-house teams who are dedicated to filling gaps in training data.

Equipment tracking and property monitoring

Keymakr’s services can play a key role in the development of monitoring capacity with smart image annotation. Experienced annotation teams are able to quickly and affordably create suites of training data in which differences between images are annotated precisely, supporting promising computer vision applications in this sector.

Autonomous flying can also be achieved with quantified approach parameters and topographical check-point labels. Quality training datasets can optimize your drone use for:

  • Construction site safety
  • Equipment tracking
  • Property monitoring
  • Road traffic reporting
Equipment Tracking and Property Monitoring
Airport Equipment Tracking and Property Monitoring

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Field monitoring

Once equipped with proper pattern-matching toolset drones can assist in precision agriculture

  • Crop health monitoring
  • Ripeness evaluation
  • Soil condition assessment
  • Pest detection

Satellite images annotation

We are professionals in what we do.

If your project requires image annotation, data collection or any other type of custom dataset, we will know what to do and how to approach those challenges.

We can create complex geospatial models using satellite photos, GIS and GPS data, annotating each element with highest precision possible

Satellite Images Annotation
Satellite Image Satellite Images Annotation

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