Easing the Management Burden with Data Annotation Outsourcing

Jul 6, 2021

Creating and annotating the quantities of image and video data required for computer vision based AI projects to succeed is a significant challenge. Coordinating large volumes of time consuming, accuracy dependent work across a large, distributed workforce necessitates conscientious management.

This burden of management can distract from the core mission of a company. Furthermore, inexperienced annotation management can lead to inaccurate and poor quality datasets that undermine the performance of models across multiple iterations. Outsourcing to professional annotation providers may be one solution for those seeking to manage their data annotation work force.

This blog will identify some of the main management challenges that affect image and video annotation projects. It will then go on to show how outsourcing to experienced services, like Keymakr, can both create a better management situation and improve the overall quality of datasets and end models.

Key issues for the management of image and video annotation

Management of data annotation operations represents a significant investment of time and resources. Managers have to hire staff, or recruit through crowdsourcing. If annotation is being carried out in-house, then sufficient workspaces and equipment need to be made available.

Managers are also required to train annotators on the specific needs of their projects and ensure workload is being adequately distributed. Individuals in leadership positions and senior members of staff are likely to find that coordinating a successful data annotation project distracts them from their core research and development priorities.

Image annotation | Keymakr

When annotation work has been completed quality control can add further to the management burden. It can be challenging to communicate the needs of a project to a team spread across multiple countries. Language, cultural, and time zone differences can result in necessary changes being misinterpreted or ignored.

Lack of familiarity with annotation tools can also be a problem when companies crowdsource their annotation needs. Overall, attempting to manage a significant annotation task can be a drain on attention and resources, and can result in poorer quality data.

Video annotation | Keymakr

Outsourcing frees up leadership

The challenges of data annotation management can be overcome by collaborating with experienced annotation providers. By taking advantage of the resources and skill sets of services like Keymakr AI innovators can reduce management responsibility and improve data quality:

  • Proprietary annotation tools: Outsourcing to annotation services can allow AI companies to take advantage of tools with unique features and capabilities. This can include cutting edge labeling and segmentation techniques or user friendly interfaces and workflow visualizations.
  • Workforce analytics: External annotation providers are often better able to analyse the progress of annotation projects. They may also be able to look at annotator performance at a granular level and assign particular tasks based on fit. This will increase productivity whilst freeing up researchers from administrative burdens.
  • Quality control: Experienced annotation providers working with managed teams of annotators will be best placed to assess data quality and adjust processes accordingly. Errors can be flagged and feedback can be given in accordance with the stated needs of the project.
  • Communication and collaboration: The relationship between an AI company and an annotation service provider should be a productive one. Providers can respond quickly to changing data needs and troubleshooting queries, without senior leadership at AI companies needing to get involved with the nitty gritty of annotation management.
  • Controlling costs: When data needs are lower partnerships with annotation providers can quickly be scaled down. This kind of flexibility can be preferable to the fixed costs of managing annotation in house.
Keymakr Demo

Simplifying data annotation management

Managing annotation projects can be a drag on innovation and development. By outsourcing this responsibility companies can refocus on what they do best whilst ensuring a steady flow of quality training data.

Keymakr’s teams of experienced annotators are providing pixel perfect annotation services at a competitive price.

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