Annotation and Labeling for Videos and Images

With Keymakr you get

  • Full-service training datafeed for your AI projects
  • Scalable and efficient workflows
  • Multi-tier QA and validation
  • Bulletproof data security
  • State-of-the-art annotation tools
  • Quality-oriented corporate culture and processes

We work with visual data of any complexity

  • Semantic segmentation (polygons)
  • Instance segmentation
  • Bounding boxes
  • Cuboid annotation
  • Skeletal annotation
  • Object tracking

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Our services


Tools that do not waste a single click or miss a single pixel. Team trained with every type of visual data. Validation process that puts several sets of eyes on each data instance produced. The result is high quality annotation flow produced at unprecedented speeds.


Let's get those frames rolling. Whatever we can do with images, we can do with videos. But faster. From boxes to shapes to trajectories, we'll transform raw video data into AI-ready data feeds.


Our annotation toolset is designed for nimbleness and adaptability. A few dozen clicks to adjust the workflow for your application and our annotation team hits the ground running. No re-engineering, no re-training, no re-inventing.

Industries we serve

Security Imaging Data


Automotive Imaging Data


Drones Imaging Data

Drones & Aerial

Retail Imaging Data


Sports Imaging Data


Medical Imaging Data


Precision Agriculture Imaging Data

Precision Agriculture

Data Annotation Services for Machine Learning

Anything AI

Case Studies

Medical Annotations

Medical Annotations

For this medical project, we provided the client with overall 3500 MRI scans - head sections with brain tumor and those with a healthy brain. All the images were annotated by certified radiologists who specialize in tumor diagnosis.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Challenge: Face recognition by security camera.
20 million images of people from various ethnicities were collected and annotated by our team. For each image, there were a number of face landmarks and attributes marked: eyes, nose, brows, emotions, etc. Result: security camera AI was able to recognize individual faces from different angles, even in a crowd.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

Challenge: learning how to track in-car behavior of the driver and passenger.
500 hours of in-car video footage of various people driving were collected and annotated. 20,000 images of streets from the US and Europe's major cities were segmented with a pixel-perfect precision: cars, trees, sky, and road signs.

Data Collection

Data Collection

We have developed proprietary tools for a faster and more efficient way to collect data. By doing so, we have reduced the time and increased our capacity to process the mass collection of data. We offer to find and collect images or videos from open sources available online, in an efficient and productive way.

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