Guarantee Scalability with Data Annotation Outsourcing

Apr 06, 2021

Computer vision based AI models are making their presence felt across virtually every industry. As this technology transforms the functioning of businesses and the experience of users there is increasing demand for further innovation and progress. The raw material for the machine learning revolution is annotated data. For computer vision systems this means labeled images and video. Access to quality data, free from crippling inaccuracies, is crucial for the success of machine learning projects. However, the quantity and flow of this training data is of similar importance. Scalability is an essential quality when it comes to annotated data provision.

This blog will look at how outsourcing to professional annotation services, like Keymakr, can ensure scalability and streamline AI development. It will also contrast different outsourcing approaches and how they find the balance between quality and scalability.

The importance of scalability

Why does scalability of data matter for machine learning projects? Companies may try to meet their data needs by recruiting a dedicated, in-house annotation team. However, more often than not these in-house teams are small, and designed to fill one specific need. Demand for data can change as a company grows. This can lead to a rapid escalation of annotation workload, which can be difficult for a smaller team to respond to. This will necessitate a resumption of the hiring process, which can prove to be a distraction for senior leadership and researchers.

The flip-side of this is also true. At times data needs might be lower in AI model development, due to a particular project ending or a pause in research. This can lead to in-house teams not having sufficient work to complete, meaning that working space, staff, and financial resources are not being used optimally.

As a consequence of fluctuating data demand in-house teams can be overloaded with work at times and under worked at others. As companies grow and data needs change these kinds of inefficiencies can begin to affect the bottom line.

Video Annotation for face recognition | Keymakr

How annotation services respond to changing data needs

Outsourcing to competent, experienced annotation professionals can enable companies to scale up and scale down data annotation without the costly inefficiencies.

Keymakr is able to rapidly respond to emerging data demands by exponentially increasing the throughput of annotations. And, because the work is outsourced, this production rate can be reduced on demand, in line with changing needs.

Professional annotation services also provide annotation tool platforms where work can be monitored in real time. Access to detailed analytics, showing the progress of annotation projects, allows developers to plan ahead.

Video Annotation for automotive industry | Keymakr

Remote worker vs managed teams

As has been shown outsourcing image and video annotation has great benefits when it comes to scalability. However, there can be a trade off in terms of quality when annotation is distributed to remote workers. Whilst remote working annotation services can provide large scale annotations there are significant drawbacks, including:

  • Difficulty of managing across multiple time zones and cultural contexts.
  • Remote workers may not be devoting their full time to a project.
  • Remote workers may not be familiar with different annotation tools.
  • Troubleshooting can be extremely time consuming and difficult.,

Outsourcing to managed teams of trained annotators, working in one location, may offer the best of both worlds, in terms of scalability and quality. Keymakr’s experienced managers, proprietary annotation tools, and centralised teams create a number of advantages:

  • Managed teams, working together, means consistent quality.
  • Because the annotation work is carried out centrally, adjustments for clients are much easier to make.
  • Troubleshooting also benefits from in-house management.
  • Workers will have a lot of familiarity with in-house annotation tools and will be comfortable with using them.

Scalable data access is essential for the success of today's cutting edge computer vision projects. Keymakr is able to provide clients with precisely annotated bespoke training data whilst responding quickly to their changing needs. Contact a team member to book your personalized demo today.

pixel-perfect image and video annotation
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