Combining into Health Institutions

Monitoring of treatment teams, shared help for professional and site management teams with a focus on protection and respect for the individual, and the prevention of violence towards patients/residents.

Combining into business

The ability to access real time data from any place and anytime increased the potential of managing a business. This kind of data can be accessible today by the means of surveillance cameras that are installed in various business and organizations. We offer our technological solution that will upgrade your business by receiving realtime alerts and analytics on your business behavior, with the possibility of customization for your individual business needs.

Combining into Private Sector

Various private and public institutions suffer from verbal and physical violence now days. Every year hundreds of toddlers, kids, and teenagers are subjects to harassment and violence in their homes / schools and kindergartens. Our solution offers real time detection and alert for violence situations. Supervision and control for clients over everything that happens in the monitored area, with transparency and immediate availability, suited to individual specifications.


Keymakr specialises in creating specific technological solutions for the efficient, precise and economic use of analytical video for a variety of sectors. The company has the technological infrastructure for viewing, diagnosing and analysing video according to variable and individually suited parameters in accordance with specific requests. Our goal is Improvement of business performance and the personal security of clients, this drives Keymakr to develop and provide this advanced technology including 24/7 back-up staff, leading to the optimisation of the system and transparency of reports.



We have developed special algorithms that can learn the surveillance space.The system is able to analyse video with the aim of automatically identifying and pinpointing events within the space and time.

Tablet & Mobile Devices

Our mobile application and site enables clients and key people within the organisation to receive online notifications to their mobile app or remote computer from the very start of the event, according to specifications set in advance.


We analyse your surveillance data 24/7.


Our goal to give our clients and business partners a professional and personalised response to the needs of the end-user providing the exact customisation for their needs.

About Us

Keymakr - Unlock your potential

Keymakr is a privately owned, global company, which was set up in 2015. Keymakr has developed an advanced technological product, and is committed to the development of and support for tools to improve the organisational and business achievements of its clients.

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